How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets beginning to look a little obsolete?

When it comes to old cupboards you only actually have 2 options, you can either tear them all out as well as invest the money to replace them, which can be pricey as well as time consuming.

Or you can just make the effort to repaint them– It’s a basic project as well as usually affordable.

Today we’ll break down how to paint kitchen cabinets in 8 steps, beginning with preparation, after that paint, as well as wrapping up with reassembly.


Note: If you are planning on paint laminate cupboards you will certainly also wish to make certain that their are no nicks or dings on the cabinets ahead of prepping and also sanding them.

, if the closets are currently painted you will additionally want to take the time to strip them prior to paint so you have a good clean finish to start with..

It is essential to remove the cabinets in a well aerated location to avoid the build up of toxic fumes. With that said being said, let’s cover the required steps you will certainly require to take.

Action 1 Vacant Cabinets then Get Rid Of Closet Doors and Drawers

Once you prepare you can begin emptying all your cabinets of any kind of things left in them. When all items have been removed you can begin removing all the equipment, consisting of joints, knobs, deals with and any type of remaining screws.

To help with reassembly it is suggested that you put these parts in specific plastic bags and classify them, after that leave them in the cabinet sections they originated from.

When all the equipment has been removed you then remove the drawers and likewise apply labels to these components, this guarantees each component of your cupboards go back in their original location.

Step 2 Tidy as well as Wipe Down the Cabinets

Now that your cabinets are dismantled you should put in the time to clean them down with water and trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaner.

Taking this step guarantees you get rid of any leftover crud, oil or dirt that’s stuck on gradually, this is especially vital as these are kitchen cabinets.

You will want to wear rubber gloves for this step to shield your hands and also ensure all cupboards are cleaned down fully upon being cleaned with your TSP solution.

Step 3 Fill up and Fix any type of Openings or Dents

After you are done cleaning your cupboards you will want to give them an once over and also keep in mind any type of dents or imperfections. Make the effort to fill these with a timber filler of your option– this will need making use of a versatile putty blade.

When all fixings are done make sure to give the filler enough time to dry.

If you are not replacing your equipment you should be fine with your existing closet openings however if you are going to be updating your cupboard equipment you will certainly intend to either fill in your openings or adjust them to accommodate your brand-new fittings.

Tip 4 Protect Your Location

Since we await the major job, it is necessary to prep your location and safeguard your job surface area. I normally set a drop cloth on the counter leading after that do with painters tape, taping off any kind of boundary areas and places touching the closets.

When painting, you will certainly also desire to move any type of things that can get in your way.

Step 5 Sand and Clean the Cabinets

With your area shielded you can begin sanding your closets making use of a medium/fine grit sandpaper.

The important part to concentrate on in this action is guaranteeing you are fining sand with the grain of the wood and also getting through the first layer of the finish that still stays on the closets, in addition to obtaining the edges and also corners.

You must follow the exact same process for both the cabinets and doors.

Laminate closets are likewise paintable, you just have to guarantee that you give them an appropriate sanding, and don’t allow the edges to splinter.

When you are done prepping as well as sanding your cupboards you will certainly intend to provide a fast vacuum and wipe down with a dry fabric to eliminate any type of remaining dust.

Step 6 Use a Coat of Guide

You will certainly desire to start with a brush that is coated yet not over soaked. Utilize the brush to reduce in the edges under the counter tops, around outlets, as well as molding and also than utilize the foam roller for the bigger areas, such as frameworks and cabinet fronts.

It is important to keep in mind that when you are repainting with a roller you will certainly want to paint in a W activity and also always end in a damp location. While your guide layer does not need to be ideal, you do want to set a reasonably thick and even layer, this will guarantee your paint really shines.

The very first step to repainting your cupboard doors as well as cabinet fronts is to get them slightly off your work surface, this will assist you maintain the cupboard cleaner as well as enter into all the small fractures, enabling you to obtain a truly great layer of guide on all sides.

Do not forget to allow each side of the cabinet or cupboard dry prior to repainting the opposite side and also repeat the procedure. It needs to be kept in mind if you are painting drawers, you should think about not repainting the sides, as the paint can commonly wear away from these locations with time.

As constantly, make certain to check out the supplier’s instructions on drying time to ensure your offering your guide the suitable time to resolve.

To ensure you have an ultra smooth surface, you may also intend to do a light fining sand between your guide and full paint work.

Step 7 Intro image for closet paint article

Currently it’s time for the actual fun, repainting the cabinets! We suggest using an acrylic latex-based paint due to the fact that it’s simple and also long lasting to clean.

In terms of paint finish, you will certainly wish to prevent a high gloss or flat finish as these can be tough to tidy as well as scuff quickly. It is recommended you choose either a semi-gloss or satin surface yet only you can actually decide what you like.

Equally as with the guide, make use of the brush for cutting in and also paint your frames and your paint roller for repainting the larger locations and also in a similar way for the cabinet and also door fronts.

Make certain you attempt to leave as little tool marks as feasible during this area. Allow the paint dry and cure according to the manufacturer’s directions. As long as you offer your cupboards the proper time to dry you can rest assured recognizing they will come out with an excellent difficult finish.

Once your finish coat is dry and also the paint has set you can put on an optional coat of urethane. If you select to do this step, utilize a water-based urethane over the acrylic paint. This can add some additional resilience to your cabinet coating and also allow your paint job to last much longer.

Tip 8

Rebuild the Cabinets and Equipment
With your cupboards prepared for reassembly you can begin replacing the equipment. During this area make sure you utilize a hand-operated screwdriver to ensure that you don’t go across string any of the screws or harm the coating of the closets.

If you select to make use of all new equipment currently is the time to damage that out, if you are utilizing your old equipment, take it out of your labeled bags as well as screw right into it’s matching area.

Including a new rack lining can also be a nice touch– this adds to the total finish and again includes in the long term durability of the cabinet surface.

If the closets are already repainted you will certainly likewise want to take the time to remove them prior to painting so you have a good clean coating to begin with.

After you are done cleansing your closets you will certainly desire to provide them an as soon as over and keep in mind any kind of dents or imperfections. Do not fail to remember to let each side of the drawer or closet dry prior to repainting the various other side and also repeat the process.

Now it’s time for the actual enjoyable, repainting the cupboards! As long as you give your cupboards the suitable time to dry you can rest assured recognizing they will certainly come out with an excellent tough finish.