Among the quickest methods to paint a space is making use of an airless paint sprayer With a Graco sprayer, you can transform the look of any kind of space in your home in a portion of the time it would take you to repaint it by hand with a roller or brush.

Safety Notice: Whenever operating spray devices, take correct safety and security preventative measures, remain alert, and also be mindful of prospective threats. Use protective gear such as handwear covers, safety and security glasses/goggles, spray sock (hood), hat, proper footwear, dirt masks as well as respirators. See to it there suffices air flow. Turn them off if you’re painting in the location of devices. (See Safety And Security Preventative Measures in your Sprayer Operation Handbook.) Always refer to the particular instructions as well as safety procedures for the spray devices you are using.

Man painting a wall with a sprayer.




Graco, Magnum, or TrueCoat Paint Sprayer (see Paint Sprayer category page to contrast models).
Spray suggestions– a slim 6- or 8-inch spray follower typically works best.
Vacant containers for priming sprayer as well as cleanup (2 needed).
Mix sticks.
Repaint filter bag– aids prevent suggestion plugs as well as gives a much better finish.
Tarps, drop cloths, or plastic sheet.
Covering up tape.
Paint brush for touch-ups.
Magnum pointer expansion (optional)– for hard-to-reach locations that would otherwise need a ladder.
Pressure roller set (optional).
If required, added airless hose pipe areas.
Spray guard.
Pump Shield storage liquid (see pump protectant item information).
Cleaning cloths.
Rigid nylon brushes for cleaning.


Move as much of the furniture out of the area as possible. Move any type of remaining furnishings to the facility of the area and also cover it totally. Permit lots of area for your devices and also tools.
Cover everything you do not wish to obtain paint on. Apply covering up tape and safety paper around as well as over doors, home windows and also trim.
Turn off the power to the space and also remove cover plates from electrical fixtures, outlets as well as buttons. Remove heating and a/c air vent covers. Apply concealing tape over the staying buttons as well as electrical outlet receptacles.
Usage spackling substance and also a putty blade to complete all nail and also screw holes. As soon as completely dry, sand any type of harsh locations.


Suggestion: If you’re working in a little area or prefer to not spray, utilize a Graco Pressure Roller Package for great results and also time savings.

Select the spray tip that’s ideal suited for the paint you are utilizing and also the surface area to be splashed. Make certain the tip’s hole size does not go beyond the maximum capacity of your sprayer (see spray idea information). If you’re utilizing paint from numerous containers, blend it with each other in a vacant 5-gallon container to make sure constant color even if tiny color differences exist in between individual paint containers.
Start on top of the room and function your way down. Work in areas, just as far as you can easily get to. Spray the external sides first, “banding” the location that you will certainly spray as well as cutting in any type of corners. For within corners, aim the spray suggestion straight right into the edge so it overlaps both sides.
Cut in around doors and windows first, and then spray the remaining flat areas using overlapping strokes. Make repeated spray passes down the walls, aiming the spray idea at the edge of the previous pass and also overlapping by roughly 50%.


Permit substantial time for the paint to dry prior to removing tape from your trim. This will result in crisp, tidy lines.
Eliminate all coverings from furniture and also other areas.
Change any kind of lights fixtures that you eliminated and relocate furniture or various other products back right into area.
Tidy your airless paint sprayer after each use. Adhere to the instructions in your individual’s manual for Power Flush cleaning with water based materials or use the container approach of cleaning if applicable. To learn more, see Power Flush Video clip or describe your Sprayer Procedure Manual.
Move furnishings or various other things back right into area.

If you’re painting in the area of home appliances, turn them off. Select the spray pointer that’s best fit for the paint you are using as well as the surface to be sprayed. If you’re making use of paint from several containers, blend it together in an empty 5-gallon container to ensure regular color also if little color distinctions exist in between specific paint canisters.
Splash the outer sides first, “banding” the area that you will spray as well as cutting in any kind of edges. Clean your airless paint sprayer after each use.

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