How to Choose the Right Airless Paint Sprayer

How to Choose the Right Airless Paint Sprayer1

Many errors can be made in the choice of a sprayer, so we count on a group of qualified specialists and train painters and decorators in our own training center how best to pick the right Airless sprayer

In recommending on the choice of a paint sprayer, the customer’s requirements and field of application are talked about in detail in order to assemble a pre-selection of the most appropriate paint spraying equipment.

When buying an airless paint sprayer, Suggestions.
In the course of the consultation, therefore, the following questions are talked about in information:

Which material should be processed? Lacquers, glazes, guide, dispersion, silicate paint, tissue adhesive or filler?
Which projects should be managed with the sprayer? Lacquer work, homes, single or multi-family homes or industrial jobs?
What are your requirements for the sprayer? Quality, frequency of lifespan, budget plan and use expectations play a role here.
Producer independent Airless sprayer suggestions & the little information
In the course of the assessment, the choice of the paint spraying devices is restricted and the advantages and downsides of the various designs are clarified.

In addition, possible equipment variations are gone over, which can considerably improve the work result and simplify the implementation.


Here some examples:

  • Has the ideal nozzle been picked?
  • Are the matching filters included?
  • Does the pipe have the best length for the job and the right diameter for the product being sprayed?
  • Is a spray lance required to spray high ceilings?
  • Consumption system– rigid suction, suction pipe or funnel?
  • Drive: power, battery, fuel engine or compressed air?

An important point for us, the recommendations is vendor-independent, because we have all manufacturers in the program.

This makes sure that you can choose the optimum sprayer for your jobs.

If there are any issues or concerns after your purchase, even more crucial– contact us
Normally whatever is great, however what if not? In this case, we are your direct contact.

How to Choose the Right Airless Paint Sprayer1

Service warranty cases we clarify!

Our skilled group of professionals guarantees a fast service in case of damage (nationwide).

Beyond that there is a need for advice after buying a sprayer.

Whenever new projects are pending, we support our consumers in the optimal choice of nozzles, filters and the ideal accessories.

Choice of extra parts for the repair of airless sprayers
We also happily assist you in the choice of extra parts.

For this function, we supply building and construction drawings of the makers Wagner and Graco on our site.

The blew up illustrations offer you the chance to get a quick overview of the structure and extra parts of your sprayer.

In addition to the illustrations, you will likewise discover a fast summary of the most important extra parts, where you can order spare parts straight.
Nationwide repair and upkeep service for paint spraying equipment
If a sprayer is faulty or does not pump any longer, we will gladly take care of the repair.

Nationwide, we will get the faulty paint sprayer from you.

Our experienced technicians examine the paint spraying equipment and we determine the expense of the repair work for them (specialist time and extra parts needed).

If the order is positioned, our professionals have at their disposal our big spare parts storage facility and generally begin directly with the repair work of the paint spraying devices– so no time at all is lost for the procurement of extra parts.

Training & Test Center Spray Innovation– Airless Discounter Academy
As a supplement to the therapy we provide, our Training Academy is likewise available (Courses currently just offered in German at the Berlin place).

Here we offer useful day seminars for ideal use and handling of Airless paint spraying technology.

In practice, the topics of optimum spray pattern and premium surfaces, with lowered overspray, reduction or removal of any malfunctions and cleaning and care of spray equipment are taught in small groups.
Total training, test sprayers, speak with on-site & then buy
For some of our consumers the subject of Airless spray technology is brand-new to them and they want more information before buying an Airless device.
Understandably, similar to one test drives an automobile ebfore buying, we provide initial courses on Airless spraying and you can get an introduction before you purchase.
You can also get guidance on-site and test various Airless devices.
Exercises to enhance accuracy and decrease overspray
Exercises to enhance precision and lower overspray

Evaluate the material and find the best spray option
In addition, we offer a private and extensive consulting service in our training and testing.
Here we provide you the opportunity to check product with us and to discover the ideal spray technique and devices for this material and its function.
Our trainer (master painter with extra training in color and lacquer innovation) with numerous spraying devices is at your disposal.
Tips, tricks and more details about Airless spray painting innovation are also available in our YouTube channel and in our blog.

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