Wagner Flexio 570 Paint Sprayer Review: An ideal choice for DIYers

Check out Wagner Flexio 570 Paint Sprayer review to find out the reason why this tool is recommendable for DIYers or homeowners who have taken interest in redecorating their house. Wagner Flexio 570 is a hand-held paint sprayer that is versatile, fast and extremely affordable.

For nonprofessionals who haven’t had many experiences with renovated tools, this sprayer is a good start. The tool includes simple features that will take no time to get used to. But, can this hand-held paint sprayer get the job done? Is it capable of painting big surfaces? Can it paint small details? This article will reveal every Wagner Flexio 570’s wonderful function that homeowners need to know.



  • One of the best choices when it comes to paint sprayers for beginners
  • Economical and suitable for personal use
  • Easy to handle and adjust even for amateurs
  • Perfect to paint exterior walls since it delivers a roller-like finish
  • Paint efficiently, the final result is even layers of paint which are done in a short working time
  • Easy to clean after each use since the parts are removable
  • Durable and sustainable, this sprayer lasts longer than any brush or roller


Get clogged from time to time if not cleaned thoroughly after each use


Adjustable X-Boost Power Dial with 2 speed settings

Flexio 570 has 2 speed setting at fast or slow for specific purposes. At fast speed, Flexio 570 gives powerful paint flow that covers a wide surface in minutes. According to Wagner, this sprayer is capable of painting a 2m x 3m surface in 2 to 6 minutes and up to 7.2 gallons of paint in an hour. At low speed, Flexio 570 touches up small and unattended details. The paint can reach small corners of any wall.

The fact that this paint sprayer only has 2 speed settings makes it less versatile than its companions like Flexio 590 or Flexio 3000. These models come with an additional nozzle: The detail nozzle. The paint pattern comes out in a smaller portion and is perfect for detailing. Therefore, these sprayers are pricier than Flexio 570. Nevertheless, too many additional accessories may result complicated for beginners. Flexio 570 already has the 2 paint flow settings that are simple to manipulate and can get the jobs done. So Flexio 570 is definitely a good choice considering many don’t have experience with automatic paint sprayers.

iSpray nozzle: Perfect for wall and fence

The iSpray nozzle is one of the key points that makes Wagner’s products so helpful. This nozzle is designed to carry out big projects at a personal level. The nozzle is attached to a paint tank, which can contain 1 and a half quart cup at a time. With this amount of paint, users can cover a 3m x 3.6m surface quickly and easily. The paint pattern of this nozzle is adjusted to resemble that of a roller for a natural feel and texture. So if this feature is what you are looking for, Flexio 570 is a good choice.

Paint in vertical or horizontal

Depends on the surface and the shape of the object, the direction of the paint can affect the final result greatly. That is the reason why Wagner has added the option of changing the pattern of the paint. This will help to take away the weight of the paint sprayer and allow users to manage the tool in a more comfortable position. Painting with Wagner’s products should be relaxing.

Easy cleaning with Lock-n-Go split gun

Cleaning is the worst part after finishing a painting project. But it is a must if you want the tools to last longer. Flexio 570 is designed to be cleaned easily after each use. The nozzle can be removed entirely from the handle and homeowners can clean it without damaging the handle or the motor. From warm water to paint solvent, the nozzle can be cleaned without having a problem.

Affordable hand-held paint sprayer: Worth the investment

A roller or a paintbrush seems much cheaper than a paint sprayer, but they aren’t made to last for a long time. A hand-held paint sprayer is very affordable and it is a sustainable choice. The tool can hold out for many years and complete many projects. Furthermore, a paint sprayer takes away the hard work and replace it with a fun and relaxing time. The tool is perfect for beginners and homeowners, but it doesn’t mean that it is insufficient for professionals. Those who do small scale projects for extra income will find this tool effective.

Faster than any brushes or rollers

If you wish to see the result quickly, brushes and rollers will deny you the pleasure. With Flexio 570, however, you can carry out the task 10 times faster than any other paint applier. Enjoy your freshly painted walls after a morning of work is no longer an impossible task.


Many reviews from customers have shown that Wagner Flexio 570 meets with all basic needs when painting walls or furniture. Some indicate that this tool is suitable for projects ranked in different scales, but it definitely works better with large walls or fences. The natural finish of the paint is usually seen with rollers, therefore, if homeowners want to paint furniture, they will have to sand the object later on. On the other hand, it is not recommendable using this model to paint ceilings since the sprayer weighs around 4 kilos. Users can check out some lighter models like Flexio 4000 and 5000 if their intention is to paint a ceiling.




Flexio 570 is no doubt an incredible option for beginners. The spray gun is powerful and easy to manipulate. With the help of Flexio 570, homeowners can enjoy a relaxing paint job instead of forcing too much strength. Not only can you paint small furniture with this sprayer, but you also can manage larger-scale projects like painting bedroom walls or giving new life to the old fence. So make sure to check out this sprayer if you are looking for a good tool.